30+ Water Garden Ideas That Will Make You Love the Summer

Best water garden style rich of natural accents with stones and aquatic plants compositions Image 1
Best water garden style rich of natural accents with stones and aquatic plants compositions Image 1

Summertime is the best time for outdoor activities like walking and hiking. As the temperature goes up, things will go in different ways. The water activities like swimming and going to the beach then become very preferable which will also invite a lot of people for cooling down their bodies.

However, many people don’t like the crowd and they tend to spend their time in a more private place or just stay at home. For you who belong to the second category, preparing your home for such a situation should on your list right now. Planning a water garden is one of many things that you can make in your home.

Basic Water Garden Types

Landscaping experts categorize water gardens into two types which are the active and still water garden. Both types are wonderful garden enhancements to give a more personalized addition that will surely satisfy your desire of natural elements in your home. Before you decide one for your home, it is better to know their characters so you will know which one can fit you best.

The Active Water Garden

The active water garden with water flow is the first model that has so many followers. The active water garden usually has a water stream or fountain. A small waterfall is one kind of water elements that becomes popular as it offers beautiful enhancement and also relaxing water sound.

However, active water garden is more expensive since it needs pumps and sometimes filters. These equipments needs electricity and maintenance but it also eases your job to deal with the algae and other water debrish so you can enjoy crystal clean pond with fishes in it.

In summer days while temperature goes up, the active water garden helps you better to cool down the heat. The moving water is considered best to increase the humidity as it will also bring more brezzy and refreshing vibes in your garden.

Still Water Garden

The still water garden is the model for natural pond which noramally does not need any addition for filter and pumps. The water maintenance is minimalist since you will relly on the aquatic vegetataions and animals to do the job. The regular thing to do is only adding more water to change the loss due to evaporation, liner leak, and pond plants.

Further exploration is needed since the knowledge for natural filter using aquatic plants and beneficial animal is very important. Yet, it may cost you less bucks for maintenance as you don’t need electricity and change the filter.

If you think this is for you, we suggest you to find out the plant type and arrangament. We will talk about them next time as we will let you to find the model that you will love in this part of our water garden series.

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