55 Best Small Laundry Room Photo Storage Ideas

55 Best Small Laundry Room Photo Storage Ideas (24)

The general concept for a laundry room is very much alike the kitchen, as it needs cabinets and storage. The laundry room is one of others room which is vital for the family. Here is where the good care is begun so you should never let it be neglected in your redecoration protect. Talking about this topic, we have some interesting ideas that we have compiled just for you.

When you are in laundry room remodeling project, the one thing that you should remember is to consider the proper storage. It is not only need to look good and clean, but it also needs to be well organized. Considering the storage is sometime tricky especially in a small and limited area. Yet, it is still possible if you are paying attention to some space that are spared such us upper the laundry machine. Having some upper storage will not only give you an efficient space for storing the stuffs, but it is also effective for reducing the workload.

The other trick to make the space for storage is by reconsidering the arrangement. Normally, a house has two washing machines in the laundry room, or one machine and one specialist drier. In line arrangement will usually spare above space which you can user as storage. However, you can put the machine bottom up and spare the side area for the storage. The choice is in yours as which one you think more effective for your laundry work.

55 Best Small Laundry Room Photo Storage Ideas (45)
Small Laundry Room Photo with Open Storage Ideas

For the storage, there are normally two type of laundry room storage, which are the open space and the closed storage. The open storage is like open shelving on wall. For this style, you will need some small container to put your things like detergent box or softener bottles.  Like usual, the open shelving is considered more effective in small room. It will also make the room bigger as the absence of door cabinet is extremely reducing the narrow view.

Yet, if you need cleaner look, you may need a closed storage design. Considering some base and upper cabinet is best for this king of laundry room. However, you can also make a closet style with the laundry machines installed inside. This is extremely effective for cleaning especially in the area which is very dusty.



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