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Indoor Vertical Garden Concept with Brilliant Ideas for Easy Maintenance Part 23
Indoor Vertical Garden

Having a lot of living plant decoration in your home will give you unspeakable feeling as it also has stacks of benefits. The flower and greenery are acceptable in all room in your home. The kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even the bathroom will look better with real plant decoration. However, this kind of decor is tricky in maintenance. You might need extra efforts, times and money to keep them alive and beautiful.

The Indoor Vertical Garden Style

There are so many types of houseplants that are common for decoration. Firstly, we are talking about those which can be used for a vertical garden. The hanging plant type like the spider plant, donkey tail, wandering Jew, and Boston fern are perfect for a vertical indoor garden. Besides the hanging plant, you can make a perfect vertical indoor garden with trailing plants. The Swiss cheese plant, heartleaf, creeping fig, and arrowhead plants are some species that have a natural climbing or trailing character so they will be perfect for a vertical garden style.

Indoor Vertical Garden Concept with Brilliant Ideas for Easy Maintenance Part 12
Indoor Vertical Garden Concept for Easier Maintenance

The vertical garden is like a new dreamy style of house plant decoration that has a specific character, which is grown in a vertical arrangement. It needs less space compared with other common indoor gardening systems. However, the vertically grown plants have a serious maintenance issue. If you are a busy person which has a little time to take care of them, this beautiful indoor garden should be avoided. They are basically not very practical. These plants also need more attention to watering and trimming.

Large House Plant

The large houseplants are another style when you want to fill your room with cozy tropical atmosphere. They are more practical to make your home more refreshing than the vertical indoor garden. Some large plants that you can use for indoor decoration are the PachiraRubber plants, Bird’s nest fern, and cast iron plant. If you want something more, you can try a tree type indoor plants like the dragon tree, weeping fig, and rubber plant. They can stand out to 10 ft tall so you better put them in the room that has a higher ceiling.

Life Plant Decorations for Indoor in Vertical Hanging Pots Part 51
Large Plant Decorations for Indoor Combined with Hanging Plants in Vertical Concept

If you want them to fill the gap in your decoration, you may opt the smaller plants. There are many common plants that can be grown inside the small pot like cactus and succulent plants. They need a small amount of water and no need for direct sun exposure. There are actually other indoor type plants that can make better natural vibe in your home as you can discover them in our gallery. But, it is in the next article hoping they will come soon. For now, just enjoy and copy the inspiration below we have prepared them only for you.

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Source: House Plants Expert

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