Decoration and Color Ideas for Small Apartment

30 DIY Apartment Wall Color and Decoration - Get more Ideas in our gallery | #homedesign #homestyle #homedecor #apartmentinterior #apartmentcolor #apartmentinterioridea #apartmentdecoratingidea Part 27
DIY Apartment Wall Color and Decoration Part 27

For some small spaces like studio apartment, the main purpose of decoration is not only to create some artistic accent in your room, but it also to make some spacious scheme as it will be more livable and uncluttered. The idea to make more spacious atmosphere seems simple but it can be tricky as well when you don’t know how to deal with it.

DIY Apartment Wall Color and Decoration Part 24
DIY Apartment Wall Color and Decoration

To make the concept clear, the really first thing you can try to decorate your small apartment is by deciding the right palette. The best choice is the light color that can develop bright tone. Like the traditional concept, the brighter the room, the bigger it will be. Some favorite colors are cream, ivory, white, and the light tones of blue or green. You can give the wall and ceiling with the same tone, but making the lighter tone or statement color on the trim or other part of wall will create some special effect to avoid the room to look boring.

If you have some large windows, you can make a creative touch in the window treatment. Some curtains can make the accent better upon the light color you apply on the apartment wall. The color of the curtain can be varied as it depends on the concept that you approach. If you love the boho style, an artsy patterned curtain can be a perfect choice.

The most popular trick is adding some mirrors on the wall. The bigger the mirror, the better reflection as you will get to make the room look brighter and larger. Besides adding some lighting scheme, the mirror also creates a visual trick of unlimited space. Since glossy stuffs working well in a small space, some metallic decorations like table lamps or painting frames would enhance the bright vibes.

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