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DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decor Part 26
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For farmhouse living room, classic and elegant concepts should be blended together so they will create really fresh ambiance and simple look all over the room. The idea of farmhouse design is all about that, yet there are so many changes these recent years as it evolves to be more modern and sleeker. The vintage and rustic view is not always dominating on the decors but some inspiring designs could make it a new style of modern farmhouse style which still maintain southern vibes but with softer finish. For you who recently become a new fan of this trend, here are some ideas that you can try to make a farmhouse living room.

DIY Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse Living Room

 Wood Accent – Some strong characters in a farmhouse home concept you should not miss are the exposed wooden beam, wall wood paneling, and wooden flooring. The classic appeal of a cottage design should be maintained to create as many as natural vibes. However, in some urban area, making some exposed beams will be costlier. You can skip this and go on with the wall and floor. In the recent trend of farmhouse living room, the paneling can be done as decorating element and it is interchangeable with brick wall to sustain the vintage and rustic look. However, the wooden floor is still essential to be skipped.

Vintage décor – The crucial addition for farmhouse living room is vintage and retro decoration. Many modern farmhouse homes have been transformed to be chic and savvy, but the classic character on the décor is something people can’t change. The natural feeling from the vintage ornament and furniture is the soul of farmhouse concept.

Natural finish – The nature has provided us with timeless aesthetic appeal, and it becomes the reason why such an old concept like farmhouse is still popular today. The most farmhouse living room concepts are using white color as the base on wall and ceiling and wood natural shade on the floor. You can still use the range colors like grey or cream on the furniture as it will create retro look on your living room. Don’t forget to put some pots of plants to enliven the room atmosphere to be friendlier.

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