Top Inspirations Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas
Farmhouse Kitchen Elements DIY project Part 29

The farmhouse style recently becomes more popular as it become the symbol of southern living. If you want some on budget ideas for creating farmhouse kitchen, then here we go.

Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen

The farmhouse style can’t be so livable with the indoor plants and flowers. Try to add some fresh flowers and other indoor plants to enliven the warm southern vibes. Besides the plants, some antique decoration like antique wall or table clock is really catchy of farmhouse feel.

The next idea is to make some open shelving in your kitchen. The rustic and vintage decoration can stand in row with the mason jars and dishware as they create amazing combination with classic and cozy character.

If you really wanted a farmhouse kitchen, then you should never miss the hardwood flooring. The warmth will be spread to the entire room as it will be really fantastic in adding southern styles.

The other element that a farmhouse kitchen should has is the apron sink which is also called farmhouse sink. This special element is really unique that will expose the farmhouse style in simple and organic character.

For the cabinet colors, there are two approaches you can choose. The first is to make some soft and natural finishing like cream or white. It could create add some statement to focal the floor and exposed wooden beam. The other approach is to make some weather wood finish which will strengthen the vintage and rustic look.

The final elements that you must consider in creating a farmhouse kitchen is an island with wooden top and wooden stools. This combination is really amazing in creating strong accent of comfort and warmth.

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