Best Inspirations Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash

Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash for DIY decor Part 25
Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash for DIY decor Part 25

The backsplash is the area in your kitchen that can’t miss your remodeling project. There are many types and styles of backsplashes but there is one that steal our attention, the Herringbone kitchen backsplash. The unique V pattern is really functional to create a focal point or even a statement in your kitchen space. The pattern is genderless but has clear character can increase the kitchen artistic value many times.

Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash for DIY decor Part 12
Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash

The Herringbone kitchen backsplash likely becomes the new favorite concept in DIY remodeling project. Its functional character is really versatile as it can be integrated with any kitchen model that you have designed before. In the classic kitchen style like the farmhouse or Scandinavian, this v pattern can be used to apply the white tiles or subway tiles. The minimalist look will be really emissive as it can help the naturalistic concept to look better and more alive.

In other type of kitchen style which use custom tones, the Herringbone backsplash can look so regal and artful. The pattern seems amazing which resembles scale with clean cut and placement. The pattern is still artful when combined with the custom terrazzo floor or wooden parquet. Its elegance can be maximized with the proper lighting under the top cabinet. With warm light color schemes, the pattern will reflect golden color tone which is really satisfying to increase the luxurious kitchen style.

If you are involved in a DIY kitchen project, considering the herringbone pattern for kitchen backsplash is a smart decision. It is really versatile for any backsplashes size and layout. For maximum result, keep using best materials of tiles or stones so the art effect will be a really good pattern as kitchen focal point.

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