Easy Fall Mantel Decoration Inspirations

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Fall Mantel Decoration Ideas Part 47

The fall is coming and it is the time to make some change in our home. During this transition before the winter, decorating the fireplace mantel with fall mantel decorating concept can be a really brilliant way. There is no need to always maintain the classic mood for the mantel during this fall. We have bunch of ideas that cover wider styles of designs.

Fall Mantel Decoration Ideas Part 33
Fall Mantel Decoration Ideas

To start decorating the fireplace mantel, the really first consideration that we should take is about the budget. There are many fabricated decorations sold everywhere, but we reckon to stay low with minimum expenses by using cheap homemade decorations.

Autumn Color Palette – The autumn is identic with brown, red and orange color combinations as it represents the falling leaves colors. In classic mood, the use of leaves arrangement above the mantel will be default setting during this fall. Adding some pumpkins and yellowish grout will be fully awesome decoration for the fireplace mantel. However, you can still use other combination like black and white. They are so flexible in to decorate the upper fireplace area. The combination is even enriched with dark green leaves  and silvery color from the metal pot.

Leafless flower vase – The fall is identic with the shedding process of tree leaves. To bring this natural concept to the home, you can collect some dried branch, pinecone, autumn flowers.  Arrange them on a pot or vase and put it above the mantel to create cohesive and elegant concept.

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