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Top Ideas Modern Bedroom with Simple Platform and Minimalist Furniture Part 36

The master bedroom is the largest room in a house or apartment dedicated to a sleeping place. It usually belongs to the owner of the house, or usually the parents.  If you are already a parent and having a master bedroom, then it’s time to reconsider its design to meet the basic of master bedroom design.

The master bedroom design usually needs extra large bed size with numerous comfort accessories. The large bed is the main point in this type of room as it should grant perfect sleep for the owners. The other vivid aspect of a master bedroom is the decorations. The upper area of the headboard usually becomes the focal point since there is a large painting or picture in large size.

Imagining the basic concept of an ideal master bedroom has made us rethink again about its cost. Although the investment will be worthy, it seems to be overspend to catch up the ideal design. Thus, we made some conclusion about making a simpler yet comfortable master bedroom design.

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Best Modern Bedroom Concept with Cozy Design

Play with the Colors and Patterns

The really first is to consider the wall painting colors. Most of master bedroom designs use bright color schemes like white, light grey, ivory, and soft blue. Some pastel colors and Pantone color combinations are applicable in a master bedroom to create such a cozy place for day and night. However, when you dare to be more bold, creating an accent wall is also good. Having a room with a strong character will be also best to create different experiences of sound sleeping.

To give more colors and patterns in your master bedroom, you can try to get some new sheets, pillow covers, and also windows curtain. Considering a new rug or room carpets is also good to give more colors and accents. However, to save your budget, you can skip this floor decorating and focus on the textile on the bed.

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Master Bedroom with Simple Bed Platform and Minimalist Furniture 

Making an experiment in decorating your bedroom could cost you more time and money. It is better to have the concept done in your notebook or paper. You can find the perfect combination of colors and ornaments in our below inspirational gallery.  They are specially compiled for you so you can get a perfect character that suits your lifestyle.

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