Single Bedroom Concept for Teens and Singles

Cozy Single Bedroom Concept for Teens and Singles Part 1
Single Bedroom Concept for Teens and Singles

Living alone in a small place or living with a child need you to think about a compact design of bedroom to accommodate you or your kids in such a cozy way. Single bedroom concept is unique and it can be more creative compared with the master bedroom. The decoration is not always only to make some new painting or getting the new bed sheet or covers, but it also involves extra efforts and thought. There is no surprise since most of single bed or children areas only occupy a small space.

When you are considering to redecorate or make a new single bedroom, there can be a lot of work when you can’t find any best single bed structure. Buying the new frame or bed platform cannot always become the only choice since the usual bed frame only comes with that four legged standard design. Meanwhile, you have a lot of things or only have a very limited space.

Cozy Single Bedroom Concept for Teens and Singles Part 10

Cozy Single Bedroom Concept for Singles Part 10

For that kind of problems, building your own bed frame or platform can be the only way out for the problem. You can check the ideas of maximizing small bedroom with costumed bed designs in our gallery below. The design may needs experienced carpenter so it seems better that you hire constructor. This ideas sound costly, but expanding your home/room will sound much costlier.

If you think that you have enough skill to build your own single bed platform/frame, it will sound better though we are not forcing you to do so. The design can be simple or complex, but we consider the simple bed frame concept with hidden or extra storage is the best option. If you are a parent and currently planning a room for your kid, you can make a bed platform that has an integrated study desk. Those trick can safe much cost for another furniture as it could also save the space.

When you have got the best fit bed platform, then it will be finally to talk about decoration. Avoid cluttered accessories in your single bedroom area as it will make the room feel smaller. Instead of giving too much accessories, you can maximize the wall for other use such as some open shelving racks or some hanging mirror. They are more functional in a small room rather than painting and posters.

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