Small Rectangular Swim-pool Designs and Things You Must Know

Affordable rectangular pool designs built in small areas that give a lavish look getting along with beautiful landscape (3)
Affordable rectangular pool designs built in small areas that give a lavish look getting along with beautiful landscape (3)

Dreaming of having a small swimming pool in your home should not stop on building the pool alone. Adding beautiful furnishing is the finishing step that you can try to enhance the compact pool as a lounge area.

We will be never out of topic for discussing home improvement and considering a pool is the one that you should never miss. A swimming pool will be a significant upgrade but it will be costly and need exhaustive calculation so you will get the best portion of it in your spared space.   

Considering the best size of swimming pool

Talking about the best size of a swimming pool for your home will depend on how much space and budget that you want to spend on it. It will also depend on the purpose that you plan for it in the future. If you want a space for relaxing with family or children, then a small swimming pool with 200 feet square seems to be enough. 

Other than that, the pool depth is the second thing that matters. The consideration of depth in the small pool is also based on the purpose. The most small – swimming pools will adopt the shallow pool style since the main purpose is only for relaxation and recreation.

When you also need it for supporting your children’s activity, 3 feet or less is the best size to avoid drowning hazards. Still, you can make a multiple depth arrangement for multipurpose pools, for example, 3 feet in each end and deeper in the middle. 

The other thing about a pool size that you must put on your consideration is the proportion of it in your garden. Many people with limited outdoor size don’t want to fill their entire space of the garden with pool and water, so making a third of it is the most desired size for a swimming pool.   

What is the best decking size?

The good size and proportion between decking and the pool are the next that you should plan wisely. Standard width is usually 3 feet from the edge of the pool and it should be able to support as the walkway around the in-ground pools. If you have more space, you can consider designing a patio on it so the pool will have more functions as gathering and slacking off space.

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What about considering good furnishing?

While there will be less furniture in a limited space of the pool’s deck, it does not mean that you should overlook this part. Small furniture that can change the look of your small swimming pool will be a changer that will give more lavish finish in your backspace.

Some chaise lounges will be the first that you can set to make your time there more relaxing under a sunny day. A pool umbrella is a thing that you can use to support this set. If you want something that looks more adventurous, a waterproof hammock is the best that you can use in your around pool area. 

To support a simple furnishing plan, a patio might be needed as this is what a luxury swimming pool always has. Although a big patio seems too much in a small space, it will be very versatile in a smaller size. With the small space, few seating sets will look really compatible and balancing the look of the whole swimming pool concept.

There are also many other furnishings that you can try as you only should not worry about pilling them up in the decking space around the water. 

To make the whole concept of your small swimming pool work in your backyard, considering renovating the whole landscape is best. The pool alone will give some relaxing views but the spared space, if any, is the space which you should put into the plan. The surfacing is the most important aspect as it will need adjustment with the concept of your pool. The other part is the greenery. It will give the surrounding area more natural touching as it will never fail to give a fresh addition to the pool itself. 



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